Official Corvette Patch Collection

Willabee & Ward of Norwalk, Connecticut are currently offering an "Official Corvette Patch" for just $4.95, including shipping and handling.

If you like it, they offer a complete series of collectible Corvette patches, together with 9" x 12" descriptive Collector Panels, suitable for inclusion in a matching three ring binder.

[ Willabee & Ward ]



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4 Responses to Official Corvette Patch Collection

  1. Joseph R.Crawford says:

    What is the size of the patch?

  2. Bill says:

    A visit to the website of Willabee & Ward suggests that the patches, which are affixed to the pages of a book, are of varying sizes.

  3. jeff crowley says:

    i have come across several pieces of old corvette stuff. i was wondering what i should do with it or where to find a value. i have:
    1 small NCCC patch approx 3″ round
    1 large NCCC patch approx 7″ round
    1 corvette cleveland convention 1975 patch
    2 1964 owners guide
    2 metal NCCC badge round
    1964 owners protection plan booklet (filled out inside)

    any help would be great
    thank you

  4. Ron says:

    I am looking for a Willabee-Ward Official Patch and data sheet for 2004 Corvette LeMans Comemmorative Edition Convertible Does anyone have one they are willing to part with?

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