MapQuest and On-Star Hook Up for Directions

We've covered the benefits of OnStar's Directions and Connections features before, but GM went and made it all that much better my integrating with MapQuest.

The OnStar Web Destination Entry (a fancy term for computer directions) will launch this summer with a pilot of 3,000 customers.  They hope to have the service available to all OnStar subscribers with Turn-By-Turn Navigation by year end.

Customers will be able to go to MapQuest and create up to 5 locations which are then stored with OnStar.  You can then send them to your Corvette, where it would provide voice-guided step-by-step directions.

[ USA Today ]

If you have the Directions and Connections plan, you already can just hit the blue button to ask an Operator for immediate directions sent right to your system, voice guided and displayed on the Driver Information Center.  On the chance you don't have navigation, or even if you do and haven't tried your 1 free trial from OnStar... we highly recommend it.

It's a great feature when you don't want to sit and program a destination or are already moving and need immediate help.  (Side note, after a long night at the Tigers game last week downtown, I needed a quick way home out of traffic - I call OnStar and immediately I'm on my way).

More information will be available soon on the offering.  For more on Directions & Connections, visit

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