Rev It Up Champ to Win a 2007 Corvette

The Corvette Blog is grateful to Grassroots Motorsports Magazine for the tip that Rev It Up is providing competition opportunities this summer. The ability to test drive the entire 2007 Chevrolet performance lineup (although with Z06 you will be in the passenger seat) is offered for a minimal entry fee. Oh, the prize will be a 2007 Corvette!

The first event will be held in San Francisco July 6, 7. Orange County, Houston, Orlando, a NJ-NY site, and Washington, D.C. will follow in sequence over the next month.  Information and sign up opportunity is provided at Rev It Up.

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  1. Dan says:

    Guys, I just found out the car that Rev It Up Competitors can win is a 2008 Corvette.

    Yes, I found this out from Chevrolet themselves, primarily because I’m the PR director for the event!

    So sign up now at and win a 430-horsepower 2008 Corvette!


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