Corvette Racing Team Contemplates Move to GT2 Class

It has to have been frustrating for the Corvettes not to have serious competition in the GT1 Class in the American LeMans Series this year.  The "entire GT1 Class" at Houston, for example, is pictured at the right!

Of course, Aston Martin was there for the first race, and they have committed to being back before the year is over.  But most of the time it is Corvette versus Corvette!

Autoweek is reporting this week that the CRT is seriously considering moving to GT2 competition against Porsche and Ferrari no later than the beginning of next year.  Corvette program manager Doug Fehan said that building a GT2 version of the car is one option open for next season.  Another option is to take the C6.Rs to race in the European-based Le Mans Series.

Fehan stressed, however, that Chevrolet could only justify competing against itself in the ALMS for one season.  He also stated that Prodrive-campaigned Aston Martin Racing will return to the ALMS before the end of the season.  He suggested that the team could return for the new Detroit Grand Prix in September.

[ AutoWeek ]

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