Corvette: Clearly Not Overrated

The Corvette has been America’s most popular true sports car for long time, and with popularity, there always comes accusations of "overrated". The same is true of musical artists, sports stars, and writers – no matter how good they are, sometimes their own popularity will overshadow them and turn people off. Mr. Burgundy of Associated Content explains:

So how good is the Chevrolet Corvette? If one were to judge greatness by longevity, then the Corvette certainly has that in its favor: the first model was introduced in 1953, and Chevy has had a huge hit on its hands for over fifty years. Over the years, vast numbers of owners have joined Corvette clubs across the country and around the world. These clubs, along with their sometimes-fanatical members, have no doubt played a role in making the Corvette appear overrated in many people’s eyes.

However, if you look at the car strictly from an automotive standpoint, there is no basis to believe it is overrated at all. You don’t have to be a Corvette owner or club member to see there are reasons it’s so popular. First of all, no car on the road will give you more bang for your buck. The incredible performance that all Corvettes are endowed with is unrivaled for the price tag: $44,000 – $69,000 for a 2007 model. That may not sound cheap, but considering the Corvette will get you from 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds courtesy of a standard 400 hp V-8, no other car in that price range can compete. To buy a Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus, or any other sports car with that kind of performance, you would have to pay twice that, at the very least.

Another advantage that the Corvette has over its pricey foreign competitors are the comparatively inexpensive costs of maintenance and repair. Because the car is American-made, parts tend to be a lot cheaper and more mechanics are qualified to work on it. European sports cars are notoriously costly to maintain.

In addition, the Corvette consistently wins awards and expert acclaim. Not only was it a Motorist’s Choice and Vehicle Satisfaction winner in 2006, it also won "Best Overall Value of the Year" from The Corvette also recently won the Polk Award for owner loyalty and made Car and Driver magazine’s 10 Best Cars list.

So there you have it: the experts agree and any Corvette owner will tell you – this car is definitely not overrated. Sometimes, popularity is well earned.

[ Associated Content ]

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