Jack Lalanne Tells Vette Magazine About Two Timeless Physiques: His And The Corvette’s

Jack LaLanne, at 92 years young, is the proud owner of America’s premier 400hp supercar, the C6 CorvetteVette Magazine was recently delighted to interview LaLanne about his longstanding love for the Corvette, after he traded his 1997 C5 for the new generation.

LaLanne told the magazine that his relationship goes all the way back to 1953 at the car’s introduction. Corvettes that he has owned include a 1953 Roadster, a 1997 LS1 Coupe, and his current LS2 2005 Coupe. Jack made sure that they understood that the Corvette has always been a part of his life. LaLanne summarized his love affair with these words: " Well, anyway, the best thing I’ve ever done in my whole life and the thing that’s pleased me the most is my Corvettes." 

[ Vette Magazine ]


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