Corvettes Particpate in Joy Ride Rally

Corvettes are often vehicle of choice for Cannonball Run type rallies across the country.  The Joy Ride Rally recently chronicled by SoCalSpeedZone included at least one heavily accessorized C5 and one C6 Z06.

Part of the beauty of the experience is the ability to have a lot of fun while helping raise significant funds for charity.  For example, $1000 of the entry fee for those driving in the Joy Ride Rally was designated for the Salvation Army’s Hurricane Katrina Relief Project.  This adds up to a pretty nice sum!

Of course, some criticize the wealthy for having a good time while raising funds for charitable activities.  If they’re going to have a good time anyway, why not raise some money to help others while doing so?

By the way, enjoy the video link, too.  And keep a sharp eye out for those Vettes!

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  1. The silver Vette shown in the photos above is the Corvette Forum project Vette. Visit to view our other Vettes! Thanks for stopping by.

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