Corvette Restoration Parts

Suppose you are restoring a classic C1 Corvette, and you discover that you need a front engine mount cushion kit.  To whom do you turn?

Likewise, you need an oil filter for a first generation Corvette, but you want it to be exactly like the original black filter with white silk screening on it.  Where?

Perhaps it’s a chrome plated rear view mirror for a 1959 Corvette.  Who has unique parts you can count on?

One source for many is Paragon Corvette Reproductions of Swartz Creek, Michigan, not far from Flint.  Complete on-line catalogs for C1, C2, and C3 Corvettes are available.

[ Paragon ]

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2 Responses to Corvette Restoration Parts

  1. don says:

    Looking for the drag link to pitman arm, and third arm for 1962 Corvette.

  2. Jim Dickson says:

    Do you have a set of radio knobs for the stock 1968 Corvette radio? I only need one outside knob if this is possible. Jim

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