Corvette + Viper = Vipette

Earlier this month AutoBlog showed photographs (see top photo) of the amazing Vipette, which turned out to be a 1985 Corvette with a Viper body.  The vehicle was being sold on eBay and had fetched an offer of $17,000 on May 8.  Final results are unknown.

Today, someone who purchased a Viper body kit to begin the transformation of another Corvette to Vipette stardom is sacrificing the body on another eBay auction.

I don't imagine this is happening too much, but Corvette Blog wants to know: why would anyone value a Corvette more for having a Viper body?

[ AutoBlog ]

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  1. alpay says:

    If possible I want to learn where to get a complete Viper body. Thanks, alpay

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