Spada Codatronca Based on C6 Corvette

Ercole Spada's Spadaconcept Design Studio is launching a limited-edition hand-built sports car based on the Corvette C6's chassis and mechanicals.  The Codatronca is the first whole-car product from this studio.

The Codatronca (Italian for "cut tail") is so-called for its sharply-abbreviated rear end.  It will be offered in three versions, including the entry level TS Turismo Sportivo and the top-of-the-range Super Turismo Sportivo, with engines ranging in power from 512-700bhp. The top end model is said to be capable of 208mph and 0-60mph in around three seconds.

Ercole Spada, who has set up shop with his son, Paolo, started his career at Zagato and is credited with the styling of the likes of the Aston Martin GT4 Z, Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ, Lancia Flavia Sport, Flaminia Sport and Fulvia Sport: he's also worked at Ghia, Audi, BMW and Turin's IDEA before returning to Zagato in 1992.

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6 Responses to Spada Codatronca Based on C6 Corvette

  1. Eric says:

    That is by far the most hidious “Corvette,” if it can still be called one, that I have ever seen. I hope to never see one because I’ll have to slap the owner.

  2. Dog training says:

    Very interesting… as always! Cheers from Switzerland!

  3. kriloxta3000 says:

    I love this car. It’s the new Batman mobile, eh?

  4. Lover of travel and the nomadic addict says:

    It is the dream car, for both speed and loves adventure, and I have one and love to travel to the countries of the world, and enough pride to hear the name of the Corvette he was global brand

  5. C3 lover says:

    I love this car. Sure, its taillamps and headlamps are a little ugly, but it reminds me of what a C3 station wagon would have looked like, if they would have made one in the early ’70s. But this car is beautiful, and once I saw it, I thought it should be a Corvette. Eric of September 30, 2007 at 8:19 am, if you are reading this, it is a beautiful car, and I would be proud to own this car. And if it were a Corvette, then it would be a glorious car to own and drive. It would probably be a ZR1, and that would make it the best looking car since the ’70 ZR1 or the ’78 Corvette Pace Car Replica. If you disagree, then well you know nothing about good looking cars.

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