Vortech Supercharger Takes Corvette LS7 to 635HP

As the June issue of Motor Trend describes it, Vortech Engineering "produces a variety of centrifugal superchargers that cram heaping helpings of added oxygen into an engine for impressive power gains.  In the case of the new Corvette Z06, Vortech has just put the final touches on a kit featuring its latest V-2 SQ T-Trim centrifugal supercharger, which delivers 6 psi of boost to the LS7 V-8.  The SQ design stands for ‘Super Quiet’."

By the way, torque goes from the stock 475 lb./ft. all the way up to 540 lb./ft.  The limited warranty is for three years and suggested retail prices range from $6,695 to $6,995.

The complete story is in the June issue of Motor Trend (at newsstands now) and at Vortech Engineering.

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