The Original Corvette Mako Shark Show Car

The Spring Issue of Corvette Quarterly includes superb photos of the original Corvette Mako Shark concept car commissioned by Bill Mitchell.  Mitchell was fascinated with sea creatures, and his love for them gave birth to Corvette names like Manta Ray and the ubiquitous Sting Ray.

Also known as the XP-755, this vehicle is considered the missing link between the second generation C2 Sting Ray Corvette and the third, or Shark, generation.  Posters of the vehicle are available at

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3 Responses to The Original Corvette Mako Shark Show Car

  1. Robert E. Burns says:

    Q: What transmission was in the 1965 Corvette Sting Ray Mako Shark? Was it available with automatic? Thank you.

  2. christopher sotta says:

    i would like to say im not really a vette fan … except the mako shark is the only vette i would own… my bosses wife is so stuck on her stupid vette that i challenged her to a race… her vette versus my best friends 9 second mustang…. sorry but she was to good for that …im more a mustang person .. mainly cause i was born in 1965 and my dad had a 65 mustang when i was born

  3. Johan says:

    It was probably automatic – but who cares – look at that thing its one beautiful car!

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