Corvette Sales Literature

Where would you go to read the sales literature for a 1960 or a 1973 Corvette?

Well, you could visit the incredible resources of the  National Automotive Historical Collection at the Detroit Public Library or the National Corvette Museum.

But what if you have no plans to be in either Michigan or Kentucky to visit one of these places any time soon, but you would still like to see the original sales "catalog" from the dealership to see what equipment was optional, or what colors were offered, in a particular year?  Perhaps you want the original literature to have on display with your classic Vette this summer.

One clear option is to purchase an original brochure from one of a few car catalog collectors.  The company with the most effective website that I have found is McLellan’s.  This link will take you right to their Corvette page!

If you would like us to feature another company, please let us know with whom you have done business.

[ Corvette Blog on N.A.H.C. ]

[ National Corvette Museum ]

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  1. CAROLYN DOWN says:

    I’m looking for a dealer brochure for the 2003 50th Anniversary Edition Corvette. Would anyone know where I could find it?

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