Best Corvette SS Photos to Date!

Jim Dunne has provided the best photographs to date of the coming Corvette SS!  Just published by Popular Mechanics, shots from all sides give us a tantalizing look at what’s on its way.

A power-plant dispensing 650 horsepower (or more), combined with an anticipated greater usage of carbon fiber throughout the vehicle to reduce weight, will result in unbelievable performance capabilities right out of dealers’ showrooms.  Certainly the rumored cost of over $100,000 will limit the customer base, but once again the "performance for the buck" factor will make Corvette SS a runaway winner!

[ Popular Mechanics ]

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3 Responses to Best Corvette SS Photos to Date!

  1. scott says:

    I like this car. it is the bomb!

  2. dean says:

    thought yall might like this site i stumbled accross.

  3. Bill says:

    Thanks. I plan to write a blog on Corvette Dogs in the near future.

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