Is It Time to Build a Four Door Corvette?

Earlier this week, Rick Kranz of the Automotive News speculated that there might be a Four Door Corvette in the future.  Reasons for this speculation include:

First, Porsche is planning on the Panamera by 2009, Aston Martin’s Rapide arrives next year, and Maserati has the Quattroporte now.  Each of these brands started with a reputation for stylish two-seaters only.

Second, Bob Lutz has admitted to having the same notion about Corvette.

Corvette Blog would like to suggest that the proposal in the Automotive News wouldn’t be successful!  But if Mssrs. Lutz, Welborn, and Wallace of GM worked on it, they could probably put together a convincing design, don’t you think?

[ Automotive News ]

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4 Responses to Is It Time to Build a Four Door Corvette?

  1. douglas says:


  2. Jack says:

    4-Door? Even GM’s not that crazy!

  3. Leroy Brown says:

    Chevy isn’t a high-performance brand, regardless of the Corvette’s awesomeness. They don’t need to follow the luxury/performance marque’s with every release. A 4 door Corvette would be awful, and could only be made worse by releasing a V6 Vette.

    Leave the 4 door high-performance vehicle to Cadillac – that’s the point of having a luxury division.

  4. kelsea says:

    the 4 door corvette is super ugly if they do that i will never buy another corvette again.

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