Soundtrack to the World’s Greatest V8 Engines Includes Corvette (Of Course)

Piston Productions has produced an audio compilation CD that highlights the sounds of the greatest V8 powered race cars of the world, including Corvette. Recorded live at the finest racetracks, dyno rooms, and twisty back roads in the U.S., you will hear the thunderous roar that is produced by these awesome V8 engines. For so many of us, it is beautiful music, to say the least! 

You'll be trackside hearing the awesome GT and prototype cars like the Factory Corvettes and the Saleen S7-R, as well as the factory backed Mustang FR500C. A great retired Bush North car sounds great going through the gears. Many more modern race cars are also highlighted. Vintage cars are also well represented by a 1966 McLaren M1c, a GT-350, a GT-40, and the 1970 boss 302 Trans-Am car.

Cost is a mere $20, plus shipping and handling!

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