America’s Everyday Supercar According to Popular Mechanics: Corvette Z06

Save yourself three minutes: read the final description of the Corvette Z06 below.

While enjoying the latest print edition of Popular Mechanics, I couldn’t help but notice Ben Stewart’s four way comparison of what he calls "the latest supercars".  These are the phrases (and clauses, if you want to be technical, which I usually do) that caught my attention describing the four supercars:

Viper SRT10 Coupe

There’s nothing subtle about driving a Viper.
This hairy chested bruiser is louder and rowdier than anything else.
The gearshift knob is practically the size of a baseball.
This snake will bite.
This beast is a better weekend toy than an everyday supercar.


Porsche 911 Turbo

The poster child for efficiency.
24mpg – the best here
One of the quickest cars PM has ever tested
May well be the quickest, most practical supercar in the world
Also one of the most expensive

Audi R8

So futuristic it looks like an earthbound stealth fighter
Rode more smoothly and quietly than any of the others
It’s aural magic.
Packing for longer trips takes some imagination.
The one car we all wanted in our own garages
May be the new supercar benchmark

Corvette Z06

The bargain if the test
Turns any road trip into easy living
When the road turns twisty, the Vette had us fighting for the keys
Like a favorite pair of blue jeans that just gets better with age
When you consider the price, performance, and practicality of the Z06, it truly is America’s everyday supercar.

[ Popular Mechanics ]

[ Corvette Accolades ]

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