Information Wanted on 1965 Corvette Suisse Racer

Historic information is being sought for a unique 1965 Corvette Coupe by Pro-Team Corvette of Napolean, Ohio. This vehicle, with VIN 194375S115982, was built to be shipped to Switzerland, where it became known as the Suisse Racer.

It has a 425hp, 396 cubic inch engine, and all numbers match. The physical description given is: very rare radio delete car, optioned with race prepared big block, aluminum heads, aluminum water pump, side exhaust, teakwood wheel, telescopic, race harnesses, race seats, M-22 transmission, posi, special heavy duty suspension, heavy duty brakes, American racing wheels, and high speed radial tires.

This is a very rare and correct rally red paint car with red interior and is in show condition, especially considering that it is still in race ready configuration, as it was meticulously frame-off restored with modern upgrades to keep the car safe and class competitive per European standards.

The 396-425 hp short block is with this car and is believed to be the original. The current engine is a freshly prepared 396 cubic inch engine with factory aluminum heads. It has a JJ code which represents an engine for a L89 Camaro of which only 311 of these Camaro’s were ever produced. The horse power is conservatively rated at 500 horse power.

This rare race car is documented with a large three ring binder (both in German & English) of race photos, IAF ratification with ASN seal, owner history, and a twelve chapter restoration that reads like a book.

Additional spares and trophies are also with this car. This special Corvette will be at home, carving up the corkscrew at Laguna SECA during the Monterey Historics, or at other prominent tracks, and it will be the cornerstone of any automobile collection.

Questions in want of an answer include: Do you remember this car? Did you own this car? How long did you own it? From whom did you buy it? To whom did you sell it? Did you race it? How long did you race it? In what races did you win or place well? Who did the race modifications? What sanctioning entities governed the racing events? F.I.A., I.A.F., A.S.N.? In what publications or library might we verify? Do you have any original spares?

Still searching for the original transmission and rear end. Still searching for the original GM dealer delivery documents, i.e.: shipping documents (import documents), dealer invoice, warranty book/protecto-plate, window sticker, build sheet, homologation sheet for F.I.A., racing photos, grid sheets, and racing newsletters.

Names known to be associated with this car: General Motors Suisse, S.A. Bienne; GM Auto Koch Luzern, Switzerland; Mr. Guido Wermelinger; Didier Burgisser; Burgol Automobile S.A. Geneva, Rolf & Petra Gersch; Curtis T. Schulz, Indiana USA; and T. Michaelis/ProTeam Corvette.

Seeking more information and a contact’s name and address with General Motors Suisse. Reward is available for good creditable information. Complete details can be found at Pro-Team Corvette.

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5 Responses to Information Wanted on 1965 Corvette Suisse Racer

  1. Fritz Hansen says:

    Dear Sirs.
    Regarding the Suisse racer.Do you have any photos of the car during the 1965 season?
    There seem to be doubt about the Corvettes racing life in international racing,back in 1965.
    Our problem in historic racing in Europe,is to prove that the cars were actually raced with the equipment shown in the homologation form back then.
    Latest the Brits question the headers and sidepipes.
    They even need evidence of the 1965 corvette has been raced in a major event at all.
    I and many others hope that you can help with some form of evidence.

    Best wishes,Fritz Hansen

    • GERRY says:

      Perhaps can help me with an interesting car I aquired. I’m trying to find some history on it. All I know was in 1961 this was one of 5 Corvettes made in St.Louis and sent to Switzerland’s Bienne plant and modified to EU standards and was raced there. It then ended up in Africa and is now in Canada completely frame up restored original. I believe it might be the only 61 still in existence out of the original 5 that was sent to Bienne, VIN # is 108675100109 . I would appreciate any feedback that can help me with the history of these cars in Bienne in 1961. Perhaps you can refer me to someone local that would know something.


      Gerald Lamothe

  2. Bill says:

    Any specific questions, or answers, should be directed directly to Pro-Team Corvette. Please use the link in the story. Thank you.

  3. Is there any means of contacting Pro-Team Corvette directly?

  4. Bill C. says:

    Of course. Click on “Michaelis Corvette Perspective” from our list of “Blogs That Interest Us” and then click on “ProTeam Corvette” at the top right of the page.

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