Drive Those Beautiful Corvettes!

According to John Gunner in his Gunner's Garage blog today, he was party to an interesting conversation at this past weekend's Bloomington Gold Corvette Event in St. Charles, Illinois.  Mike Yager of Mid-America Motorworks was telling Keith Martin, publisher of Corvette Market magazine, that he sees a new trend evolving in the Corvette hobby where having fun with your car is taking precedence over how perfect the car's condition is and how much it's worth.

I hope it's true.  A similar thought hit me hard when I was at Bloomington Gold, staring at this sign pictured at the right, showing as it does, a 1972 Corvette Stingray with only 4 miles on it!  And while the owner undoubtedly meant for that low mileage to increase the car's value, all I could think of was how the car's purpose had been distorted.

A vehicle equipped like this, with the 454ci engine, was meant for one thing really: on the ground flight!  Speed! Cruising! Sadly, the engine was never even broken in.  I really hope Yager is right.

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2 Responses to Drive Those Beautiful Corvettes!

  1. John Gunnell says:

    Amazed you picked that up off my blog. I also took pictures of the 7-mile car. Original cars are fine, but for me, I’ll start with a good “driver” and drive the wheels off it and if I wear it out, I’ll restore it and start over again.

  2. Bill says:

    Thanks for checking in, John. I appreciate your considered opinion. As you may have read elsewhere in my blog, I visited the Corvettes at Canterbury Show in Lake Orion, Michigan this past Saturday. Many of the cars there were Sunday drivers, and perhaps even daily drivers. I felt that the owners knew how to enjoy their cars.

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