Top Gear Not Impressed with Ron Fellows Edition Corvette Z06

Under the title “Fellow’s Traveller,” Top Gear Magazine recently queried the wisdom of building the Ron Fellows Edition Corvette Z06. They feel the vehicle would be a “strong contender” for a position on a list of “pointless special edition cars.”

Apparently they barely (if at all) follow the GT1 racing world, in which Fellows has established himself as pre-eminent. While acknowledging his Canadian heritage, they treat everything American and Canadian as if we are “just the colonies.”

They describe as a “saving grace” the fact of the mind-blowing performance of the 7.0L Z06 engine, the 0-60mph time of 3.8 seconds, and top speed of 199mph. Well, at least they noticed!

Check out their little article. Don’t you think they are a little jaded?

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