Marina Blue 1967 Corvette Sting Ray

John Clark of Brighton, Michigan will not be participating in Drive Your Corvette to Work Day this Friday in his Marina Blue 1967 Corvette Sting Ray.  And it’s not because he’s contrary!  He’s blessed with being retired.

I met him this past Saturday at the Corvettes at Canterbury car show, where his sharply restored Sting Ray caught my eye.  John is the fifth owner of this little beauty with the white stinger on the hood.  John explained to me that in 1967, the optional stinger, which raises part of the hood, was available on small block cars, but was required on big block engines like his 427 cubic inch, 390hp engine to provide clearance for the air cleaner.

Also shown is one of the nicely restored side exhausts.  Care to guess the original cost for side exhausts (per the window sticker)?  They were only $131.65!


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3 Responses to Marina Blue 1967 Corvette Sting Ray

  1. John Clark says:

    Point of clarification: During the interview I commented that 67 big block hoods were installed on small block 67 Vettes for a short period of time. As I explained, this was because Chevrolet ran out of small block hoods due to damage to the hood mold. Rather than stop production, they opted to place big block hoods (without the stinger stripe) on small block cars. Big block hoods could not be ordered on a small block car. John Clark – Brighton, MI

  2. Bill says:

    John: Thank you for the clarification. I definitely missed that. I wish we had moved your information table away from the front of your car for a better photo, too.

  3. Bill Spain says:


    I am considering purchasing a 1967 Corvette. It has a 427 under the hood, but I want to be sure this was in fact an original “big block” car. Is there a way to determine–beyond cosmetics such as the hood–if the car was in fact an original big block car?

    Many thanks for your help-

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