Black is Top Selling Corvette Color

The color Black has returned to best seller status on Corvette.  Black had been replaced by the hot-selling Anniversary Red in 2003 and by the Commemorative Edition LeMans Blue in 2004, but for the past couple years, it is once again Black.

Recent sales history indicates that Victory Red is currently the second most popular, followed by Monterey Red Metallic Tintcoat and Machine Silver Metallic.

My guess is that if you add all the various shades of Red, however, many years Red as a group will be first.


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4 Responses to Black is Top Selling Corvette Color

  1. ANGEL DELIZ says:

    I have a 1980 all black and oyster color, and I tell you it’s the best. I get so many compliments. The oyster color black will forever be my color.

  2. ANGEL DELIZ says:

    Black is the best color on any Vette, especially the C3.

  3. don hakker says:

    How many LeMans Blue convertibles were made in 2003? Thank You.

  4. Bill says:

    The quickest place to go to answer this question is Mike Antonick’s Corvette Black Book, available at

    There were no LeMans Blue convertibles in 2003, because that year the color was Electron Blue (which was seen on 531 convertibles). In 2004, LeMans Blue was found on 2,659 convertibles.

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