Best Selling Corvette Model for 2007

Here’s your Corvette quiz question for the week:  which of the three Corvette models sells best, and by what percentage?  Which of the three statements to follow is true?

a.  Coupe sells best, taking 53% of all 2007 Corvette sales.  Convertible is second at 27%, and Z06 completes with 20%.

b.  Convertible is actually the hot seller with 48%, with Coupe following with 42% and Z06 at 10%.

c.  Amazingly, the three models work out pretty evenly with Convertible at 36%, Coupe at 35%, and Z06 at 29%.

Take your pick, then click on "Continue Reading" for the answer.


a. is correct.  End of year build figures were:

53% Coupe — 27% of those were the 1LT trim, 12% were 2LT, and 61% were 3LT

27% Convertible — 9% were 2LT and 91% were 3LT

20% Z06 — 4% were 1LZ and 96% were 2LZ

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