Blue Devil? Stay Tuned and Save Your Money!

Chevrolet dealers were treated to a taste of upcoming Corvette product Thursday afternoon by video.

Though the program was on the 2008 Corvette, dealer after dealer questioned Chevrolet product staff regarding the availablity of the so-called Blue Devil, SS, Z07, Stingray, or Sting Ray.

Gary Claudio, North America Marketing Manager for GM responded time and again by saying: "Stay tuned, and save your money!  It will make you smile!"

Looks like a lot of people will be smiling … we just don’t know when!

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  1. Dave Smith says:

    I would buy a Blue Devil in a heartbeat if it came in a convertible form. I know at least a dozen other sports car fans with money who would do the same. I live in California and have a Victory Red, modified, Z51 2006 convertible. When will GM come to it’s senses? Don’t bother with T-Tops. I’ve had those (69, 427) and they are useless. Never took them off.

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