Awesome 2006 Corvette Incentives Announced!

Chevrolet has announced the best incentives to date on the remaining 404 2006 Corvettes around the country.  From now until July 9th, buyers will receive 0% financing for up to 60 months AND a $1,000 Rebate

We haven’t seen 0% for 60 months for a long time.  Of course you can still opt for 0% for 36 and 48 months as well.  Heck, you can even finance for 72 months at 1.9% and still take the $1,000 dollars and run.  These rates are of course, with approved credit.

Like we said, reportedly there are only 404 ’06 Corvettes remaining in dealer inventories!  Unfortunately (or fortunately you could say), we have been sold out for nearly 4 months.  If you do happen to grab one of these awesome deals, snap a photo and email us.  We’ll post a story about you.

Official announcement after the jump. Here’s the official announcement:

Admin Num: NC 07-35ACL, NE 07-34ACL, SE 07-33ACP, SC 07-32ADH, WE 07-31ACE
Customer may elect to take current REBATE offer PLUS the following EXTRA REBATE amount on the following 2006 models.

DO NOT combine with any APR or Smartlease/Smartbuy program.

All 2006 Chevrolet Models= $1000

This is a REBATE PROGRAM Ident Code: Use normal region rebate ident code plus ident DNI for extra Rebate

Compatible Programs: OK with Other Rebate, Bonus Cash, Dealer Cash, Instant Value Certificates, Coupons/Private Offers, GM Employee (GMS), GMU (PEP), Supplier/GM for Friends, Dealer Employee, GM Retiree Voucher, Customer Appreciation Certificate, GM Ambassador 2, Goodwill Certificate, GM Card, Driver Ed U4C/U5C, Mobility, GM Business Choice, Special Event Units.

Not Available With: APR, Smartlease, Smartbuy, Bid Assistance, Daily Rental, Fleet FVX/FPP

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4 Responses to Awesome 2006 Corvette Incentives Announced!

  1. Steve Olness says:

    Can you find me one of these Corvettes, or point me in the right direction?

  2. Bill says:

    They say that the race is to the swift. This philosophy certainly applies to Corvette incentives.

    Unfortunately, that incentive of 0% financing was not extended past July 9. Frankly, I can’t remember when an incentive was extended on Corvette.

    My recommendation is to grab a great deal on a 2007. As the Corvette Blog Guy, I can help you with that! Send me a note, or give me a call.

  3. sean pennington says:

    Can I get 1.9% financing on a 2007 Corvette in St. Louis, MO? Thank you.

  4. Bill says:

    There are no special financing offers on 2007 Corvettes at this time. Keep reading CorvetteBlog for future announcements of any incentives.

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