Top Ten List on 2008 Corvette

The July issue of Motor Trend dropped on the desk at Corvette Blogtopia on Friday, and there on page 19 was their take on the upcoming mid-production cycle Corvette.

From Motor Trend’s perspective, the "top ten things you need to know about the 2008 Corvette" are:

LS3 6.2L engine replacing the LS2 6.0L, with horsepower up to 436

Bigger intake vales and higher-lift-intake cams to improve breathing

Bigger-capacity fuel injection borrowed from Z06

Manual trans is slicker-shifting; paddle-shift automatic is faster-acting

Steering feel is further refined

Split-spoke wheels are now standard; polished are optional

Revised center stack design with brushed aluminum accents

Two-tone leather dash, seats, and door panels are available

Even the "base" Corvette can do 190mph right out of the showroom

First orders are already in to Bowling Green so they should start hitting the dealers late July, August at the latest

[ Motor Trend ]

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2 Responses to Top Ten List on 2008 Corvette

  1. Clyde Rutherford says:

    When will GM provide a removable top for the Z06?

  2. Bill says:

    The official word from the factory is that the convertible concept and the massive torque of the Z06 do not go together well. Of course, some Corvette upfitters do modify Z06′s into convertibles, and I have heard no word of problems with them. Bottom line: you’ll see one from the factory when they believe it’s a good idea; no sooner.

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