Steve’s Corvette Garage, a.k.a. Advanced Automotive Technologies

I call it Steve’s Corvette Garage.  Yesterday, I was given a first class tour of Advanced Automotive Technologies in Rochester Hills, a couple dozen miles north of the world capital of the automobile, Detroit.  The building’s exterior reveals nary a hint of the automotive delights inside!

Gregarious owner Steve Pasteiner piloted me through an efficient, clean, hands-on operation, with many informative stops along the way.  It’s a challenge to delineate all the areas of expertise demonstrated here, but I will give it a try.

I had previously blogged about one of Steve’s products, the 50th Commemorative Edition Corvette.  Two of these beauties there were shipping later in the day, and another was nearly completed.  Others were earlier in the process.

A future blog will discuss his next exciting product, the 50th Commemorative Corvette Nomad.

AAT also does restoration with modern technology enhancements.  For example, currently nearing completion is the 1958 C1 Corvette shown at the right.  This particular car will have an LS1 engine, C4 suspension, rack & pinion steering, and interior enhancements when it hits the street.  Gorgeous looks and modern driving requirements; it’s a great combination.

Then there’s engine appearance modifications, including the C5 Classic Corvette Engine Covers of yesterday’s blog.

Then there is show car creation and manufacture, like the fabulous Buick Black Hawk of a few years ago.

Then there are the beautiful framed prints Steve personally creates.

And then …

Steve’s website is Advanced Automotive Technologies.


[ 50th Commemorative Edition ]

[ C5 Engine Covers ]


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  1. Buz Simon says:

    What floorjack do you recommend for a 2002 C5?

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