Tips for Finding a Collectible Corvette from Jay Leno

Although Jay Leno doesn't mention Corvettes in his article "Hidden Treasures" in Popular Mechanics, the advice would likely work for classic Corvettes, too.  1951 Hudson Hornet collector Jay's advice:

"The best advice I can give is to find the oldest garage or gas station in your town.  Go talk to the owner.  Ask him if he has customers who haven't been in for a long time.  Do they have an interesting car?

"If you like old things, I recommend that you talk to old guys.  Seek them out.  They were all young guys once.  And a lot of them don't have any family left; they just want to see the love of their life, the car they were always going to restore — but never got around to — go to a good home."

The whole article can be found in the July 2007 print issue of Popular Mechanics, or on the web.

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  1. Tim says:

    What is the best bargain at this time on a Corvette that will be going up soon? I have located a very nice low mileage 81 Vette; however, as we all know it only has 190 hp. How much will it hinder the value in the future? Any advice would be appreciated.


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