Holden EFIJY Show Car Uses Corvette Chassis

EFIJY is a radical custom coupe shape boasting V8 Supercar power under the hood, a Corvette underbody, and state-of-the-art automotive technology throughout. The “Soprano Purple” paintwork highlights its curvaceous 5.2-metre body, reinterpreting the classic design cues of Australia’s iconic 1953 FJ Holden.

The technology matches the larger-than-life design cues with a 640hp, supercharged 6.0L LS2 engine, air-adjustable shock absorbers, touch control LCD screen and fan-cooled LED headlamps.

A long-term dream for Chief Designer Richard Ferlazzo, the EFIJY concept was developed in collaboration with suppliers, which reduced impact on the company’s heavy work schedule, and ensured the highest possible quality result for the showcar.

Although there were many checking the EFIJY out at the North American International Auto Show last January, and many more enraptured with it since, this car is not intended for production.

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  1. Holden Efijy says:

    Hi Bill. this is one of my favorite cars of all time. I love the look of the Efijy; especially how it has blended old and new to look so good!

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