Convertible Tops for Corvettes

Another of the hundreds of suppliers to classic Corvette enthusiasts present at Bloomington Gold was Coffman Corvette.  Coffman’s focus is on convertible tops for Corvettes built from 1956 into the 1970′s.

Pam and Ernie construct or fabricate all their Corvette parts in Mansfield, Ohio:  frames, tops, weatherstripping, and mounting hardware.  Rhonda was doing a great job running the "just the basics" display "store" and answering questions at Bloomington.

Information on all their offerings, including intake manifolds, radiator supports, and radiator brackets, can be found at their website.

[ Coffman ]

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  1. Pete says:

    I am looking for two keyless entry remote for a C-4 (1994) vette. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know on my email address. Thanks Pete

  2. Nice information…. Thanks for sharing.
    Keep on moving.

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