Corvette Inspired Cheetah Lives On

Bill ThomasCorvette-based 1965 Cheetah is back!  I know, I know: you may not have even missed it!

One of the amazing vehicles I saw at the recent Bloomington Gold Show was the 2007 version of the 1965 Cheetah.  When I met the on-site representative, Ron Keck, I just had to ask: what’s a Cheetah?

Ron explained that the Cheetah is a safety-enhanced continuation of the original vehicle, not a replica.  The original vehicles were authorized by Chevrolet to battle the Cobra in the early 1960′s, but funding for the program was pulled when just a couple of dozen of these little spitfires had hit the race tracks.  They had torn up the racetracks in 1964 with eleven victories.

The first photo shows the original car parked in front of a 1959 Chevy wagon.

The little car is now available in limited quantity, but don’t expect to see one or drive one on the street, as they are not street legal.

The curb weight of only 1550 pounds includes a 350 cubic inch Corvette engine, a Muncie 4-speed transmission, lots of fiberglass, and numerous other Corvette ingredients.  Pricing seems reasonable.

[ Cheetah ]

The simple lines of the instrument panel:

The 350 cubic inch Chevrolet engine:

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