Detachable C2 and C3 Corvette Hood Hinges

I personally have never owned a C2 or C3 Corvette.  Wished I had, but haven't.  Because of this clear lack of personal experience, I did not know (before 2007 Bloomington Gold) that working on the front end of a 1963-82 Corvette was so difficult!

If this has been a challenge for you, New Hampshire's American Freedom Products has the solution for you.  Detachable hood hinges make it a cinch to access headlight mechanisms, do radiator work, or reach the horn for repair.

The hood removes easily without removing the hood hinge bolts, so fit and gap tolerances are not jeopardized.  Also available is a hood lift harness to make hood removal a single person process.

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2 Responses to Detachable C2 and C3 Corvette Hood Hinges

  1. greg ryden says:

    Info on American Freedom Prducts,or mid year detachable hood hinge. Thanks Greg

  2. Tim Deal says:

    Looking for some detachable hood hinges for my C3 corvette

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