Just Four Days to Cruzin Telegraph!

Cruising infamous Telegraph Road through Wayne County, Michigan in your classic Corvette is just four days away.  Cities from Redford (Corvette Blog‘s homebase) to Taylor join together this Saturday to host Cruzin’ Telegraph in the annual event.  Local radio station WOMC-FM will also be present.

Telegraph Road was called "Bloody Telegraph" years ago because of heavy traffic and inadequate infrastructure, but continuous improvements have brought it to a high state of driving worthiness.  Only one bridge reconstruction project will mar driving perfection this year, as the (usually) six lane highway makes way for Corvettes, hot rods, and the competition.

Cruzin’ Telegraph is one of four annual mega-cruises in the metropolitan Detroit area.  Cruises on Gratiot Avenue on the eastside and Fort Street downriver have already been held.  Following this weekend’s excitement, only the granddaddy of them all, August’s Woodward Dream Cruise, remains for this summer.

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