Chevy Nation Website Provides Virtual Corvette Fun

When you think of a single website that brings together videos, Corvette Racing Team news, catalog information, the lyrics to Chevy Corvette inspired songs, etc., what else could it be but Corvette Blog?

Corvette Blog is happy to announce that the good folks at Chevrolet have put together a remarkable website called, and it’s unlike any other.  Using the concept of a virtual city center with music club, stadium, garage, chop shop, and clubhouse, it’s amazing what all you can see and do.

Although the site is Chevy-wide, Corvette themes are common.  You can listen to a seven minute clip of Zora Arkus-Duntov driving a 1961 Corvette fuelie, you can read a 1963 Corvette catalog, you can listen to current NASCAR-themed Chevrolet commercials, and you can do so much more!

[ ChevyNation ]

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  1. camalich says:

    Corvettes are cute cars. I would really love to have one of those; especially if it’s a new Z06 ;)

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