The Real Corvette Story

The GM Press Release dated for release after 11a.m. January 16, 1953 stated that "the General" was about to present six "special and customized cars" to the general public.  And special they were!

The six cars were the Cadillac Le Mans, the Cadillac Orleans, the Oldsmobile Starfire, the Buick Wildcat, the Pontiac La Parisienne, and the Chevrolet Courvette.  Each of them was to have a  "glass fiber reinforced plastic body," and they could be seen at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.

All the model names came to be used in GM production vehicles, except Orleans, but of them all only the intrepid Corvette came to have monstrous impact on the automotive world!  It is likely that this press release is the only time Corvette was mispelled this way.

This press release an an abundance of other fascinating information is available at

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