Corvette App for the iPhone

Corvette iPhoneWell, if you’ve stood in line or gone through the hassle of eBay and are one of the first to have an iPhone, we’re very jealous.  Many reviews seem to say it lives up to the hype, and boy has there been hype.

I found an application for the iPhone today for Corvette owners that is a must.  iPhone sho’fr is a website that if navigated through an iPod, can give you amazing information for Vette owners.  It gives quick and easy access to their entire Chevrolet Corvette service and club directory with over 180 locations in 14 U.S. cities.

While the application is far from complete, its a great start and a fun thing to try out on your new phone.  Of course, looks great on the iPhone too.  Try it out!

[  iPhone sho'fr  ]

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