Private Touring Courses Invite Sports Cars Like Z06

If you are the owner of a Corvette Z06 and are looking to spend serious cash, if only to put your car through its paces, private touring courses may be the answer!  Touring courses are wide, specially paved road courses that leave plenty of room for driver error.  They provide a safe--and legal--way for owners of super-exotic sports cars to learn to drive at high speeds, while minimizing the dangers.  Usually an instructor rides along to show drivers where braking needs to begin to negotiate hard turns at high speeds, the fast line through a chicane and when to squeeze on power out of a turn.

In a story reported by Marty Jerome at Autopia, for example, The Drive and Race Club (shown) in Monticello, New York, is scheduled to open next year. Its initiation fee is $100,000.  The annual dues are $7,500.

Other touring courses are opening in California and Arizona.  The number of people who own Ferrari's, Corvette Z06's, Lamborghini's, and the like continues to climb.  The capabilities of such cars typically exceeds that of their owners.  So while the fees for touring courses are steep, they're finding an eager market.

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