Legendary Roads for Corvette Driving

Gorgeous Corvettes.  Beautiful highways.  Great drives.  How do you put them together?

You can come to Michigan to drive U.S. Route 41, east of Copper Harbor, for a road like this.  But you may be thinking, "where can I go closer to home?"

The August issue of Road & Track Magazine suggests the use of a website sponsored by Firestone tires.  The website provides a state by state (and province by province) look of great roads that offer driving enchantment.

The website also provides a list of great automotive museums by state/province.

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3 Responses to Legendary Roads for Corvette Driving

  1. Mike Nelson says:

    Drive Route 66 to the West coast from Phoenix all the way up to Vancouver. Your Corvette and significant other will be in heaven. Yahoo

  2. Mike Nelson says:

    I have decided that I need to drive my Corvette before Obama makes it a luxury car. Obama is “no good” and I am a Union Superintendent at Rocket Steel.

    I work hard, enjoy a beer and get stoned by the experience of driving in my Corvette.

  3. Mike Nelson says:

    I sent a e-mail to my congressman and requested a Corvette from our government. Why should Obama have one and not everyone else. Write your congressman…

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