Corvettes Unlimited of New Jersey

One of the Corvette clubs that I was privileged to meet at Corvettes at Carlisle last week was Corvettes Unlimited of New Jersey.

CUNJ is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, as they were founded in 1977.  This very active Corvette club, located in Vineland, is led with passionate devotion by Dave Kinsey.  I noticed that you can call him Dave, but he prefers "Mr. President"!  Mr. President is shown by one of his prize Corvettes, with a canopy full of faithful club members in the background.

The club regularly attends big shows like Corvettes at Carlisle, but also sponsor their own events like their "Cruise Down Memory Lane" event held this past June (their 16th year).  If you are from New Jersey, you likely cannot find a more dedicated group of Corvette enthusiasts with whom to cruise.

Two of their biggest events are coming up soon.

Join them in Millville, New Jersey, on Sunday, September 9 for "Vettes in Glasstown".

Then, their "American Wheels Show" follows on Sunday, October 14, in Buena Vista, N.J.

The website provides all the details, as it is extremely well done.

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12 Responses to Corvettes Unlimited of New Jersey

  1. Cliff Shield says:

    Thanks for the kudos for our club and for the comments on our web site.

    Cliff Shield, Secretary & Web Master
    Corvettes Unlimited Corvette Club, Inc.
    Vineland, NJ

  2. Kenny Greene says:

    Has anybody ever seen or know about a 1964-67 corvette called Liberty in Motion? I have a picture of it and I took it in 1986 at the Nassau Colissum on Long Island.I haven’t seen it since and it has New Jersey plates. Would love to see it again!

  3. Jeff Seyer says:

    Looking for info on a 1964 Corvette coupe called MR. Machine. It had a straight axle front end and an Olds rear.

    • Ray says:

      Did you ever recieve any information about the Mr Machine 1964 coupe? I have pictures of it from back in the day and have often wondered of it’s whereabouts.

  4. John says:

    I am looking for a quality auto body shop, near Flemington, NJ, that specializes in Corvettes, to paint my 72 Stingray. Any suggestions?

  5. Mike Goldsworthy says:

    In Reply to the search for the “Liberty in Motion” corvette, me and a friend were the ones who painted the car. It was owned by a guy in Lafayette, NJ. It was featured as the centerfold in Vette Magazine in 1976 and won numerous car show awards. Last I heard it was sold and went out west somewhere.

  6. Kenny Greene says:

    To Mike Goldsworthy, Thank you for answering my question on the “Liberty in Motion” Corvette. Let me tell you you and your partner painted an AWESOME auto mural. That has got to be the most All AMERICAN VETTE in existance and it would be great to see it again. I hope your still painting.

  7. Noel Strauss says:

    Like to if anyone remembers see a 66 corvette roadster that was painted plum craze and had a Olds rear and rear wheel well flares

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