Crazy for a Corvette

The Woodward Dream Cruise is just days away, but the classic cars began appearing in April this year!  As we've written before, upwards of 1.7 million car nuts like myself will descend upon the glorious six lane state highway known for decades as Woodward Avenue this coming Saturday.

The closer it has gotten to this date, the more the cruisers have appeared at all times of day, but especially in the evening.  The local TV news has stories.  The Detroit News has stories.  The Detroit Free Press has stories.  And, of course, the Detroit metropolitan area's only Corvette Blog has stories.

"Corvettes are suave and stylish, sleek if they're more recent and curvaceous like Marilyn Monroe if they came off the line early.  With the possible exception of Ford Mustangs, though, it's always seemed as though the most prevalent and recognizable specimens at the Dream Cruise have been Corvettes".

"... a Corvette is special.  It seduces Ford owners.  Reverses the aging process.  Ignites family passions.  And, in the words of James Reed of Warren, "It makes you feel different when you drive it."

It would be difficult to express the passion more clearly ... but we're going to keep trying!

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