Corvettes at Carlisle Burnout Competition

I've got to admit that sitting there in the stands, I laughed a lot at this burnout competition craziness!  Lance Miller (pictured), Event Manager of Corvettes at Carlisle, began the competition by destroying a set of rear tires on his beloved yellow ZR1 Corvette.

Next was Patrick, founder of Digital Corvettes with his blue C5 Z06, destroyed another set.

Third was Doug Ring from East Coast Supercharging, who managed to shred one of his rear tires.  It looked like black spaghetti!

And there were others who gave it a shot, but the victor was Matthew Recabo of Mohegan Lake, N.Y. who "smoked 'em til they popped" (according to Lance).

My photos past the jump show the difficulty in distinguishing the cars when performing.  And, as far as the smell, it remained in the asphalt near the stadium on Saturday!  Shall I say it was memorable?  If you were there, are you thinking that this is absolutely crazy, too?

Two photos of the Digital Corvette car from the Corvettes at Carlisle website:

These are photographs I took of the first three competitors.  Can you tell which is which?

I bet some of you wish it had been you melting those tires, but to sit in a Vette convertible with tiny pieces of rubber raining on my head and soiling my car, not to mention the smell, frankly does not appeal to me!

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  1. barry says:

    That is a pathetic attempt for a burnout!

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