Corvettes For As Far As the Eye Can See

There were Corvettes for as far as the eye could see Friday at Corvettes at Carlisle.  As an example, where else could you ever see a dozen and a half almost identical 40th Anniversary Edition Corvettes (shown) all side by side?

Sweltering in oppressive heat and humidity with a heat index above 100 degrees, conditions were a little testy here in south central Pennsylvania, but the large crowd of Corvette aficionados enjoyed the massive selection of Corvettes and vendors.

Details about the vendors, the seminars, and the burnout competition soon.

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Panoramic views of the fairgrounds from the "hill" suggest the immensity of the display.  From east:

toward  west:

and a little further west:

and toward the entry gates:

Truly an amazing sight!

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  1. Dale Jr says:


    Your insight is amazing (again). Keep up the good work and awesome updates. We LOVE THE CORVETTEBLOG!!!!

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