Vinsetta Garage – Time Machine on Woodward Avenue

Leading up to this year’s Woodward Dream Cruise, did a four video series on the historic Vinsetta Garage.  I discovered it at myself, but you can find it either place.

The Vinsetta Garage opened in 1919, and it looks like it, with two ancient non-functioning gas pumps sitting out front.  Owner/manager Jack Marwil runs a tight ship with an assortment of fine technicians, who transfer beauties of the past into efficiently functioning automobiles for cruising today.  Restoration and modifications go hand in hand.  Their fans are multitudinous, who clearly make understatements like "They do really fine work here!"

The Vinsetta team members pride themselves in restoring vehicles to "better than new," but have discovered, interestingly, that sometimes "some people get turned off by that, especially the Corvette guys!"  From what I hear, GM really likes this place.

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