Improper Use of Historical License Plates Draws Tickets

I was shocked!  A front page article by Bill Laitner in the Detroit Free Press yesterday announced that the City of Royal Oak, Michigan is giving out tickets to Corvettes and all other cars using historical license plates, prior to the official date of the Woodward Dream Cruise on Saturday!

In Michigan and many other places on the globe where people are nuts about cars, owners of vehicles of a certain age (in Michigan: twenty six years) can purchase a historical license plate at a greatly reduced price (in Michigan: $30 for ten years).  Eligibility for the plate requires limited use of the vehicle, officially "only for events such as historical club activities, parades, and car shows".

My read of the official rules regarding these plates suggest that someone has his shorts in a knot!  CorvetteBlog nominates the Royal Oak Police Department for "Scrooge of the Year" award.

Interesting info on Michigan license plates: from Tom Greenwood.

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  1. John Northup says:

    The image of the license plates is furnished courtesy of the Michigan License Plate Collectors Association,

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