Mid-Engined Corvette Looks to be a Certainty

The AutoExtremist Blog describes itself as "the bare-knuckled, unvarnished, high-octane truth" about the automotive business.  Its author, Peter De Lorenzo, spent twenty two years in automotive advertising before leaving to found his blog and really tell everyone what he thinks.

Last Wednesday, De Lorenzo turned the assumptions and presumptions about the next generation Corvette on their ear with a prediction that the C7 will be mid-enginedCorvette engineers have considered the mid-engine approach time and time again.  Just visit the National Corvette Museum for evidence, as mid-engined prototypes from the past smile at passersby (see example I photographed there last winter).

De Lorenzo cites anonymous top Chevrolet executives as saying that "engineering on the car is well underway"!  He believes this to be a done deal!

Among reasons mid-engined power has been green-lighted are: costs are now seen to be acceptable, Corvette's high value proposition can be maintained, Chevy has again become passionate about technological excellence, this platform could drive Corvette to the top of the 24 Hours of LeMans food chain, and the resultant view from the top would be extremely pleasant!

It is all food for thought, at the very least.  My lingering question would be: will this car appeal to the hundreds of thousands of current Corvette owners?  What do you think?

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15 Responses to Mid-Engined Corvette Looks to be a Certainty

  1. Joel Lau says:

    Thats a tough question…… hardcore fans might not want a mid-engined even though there are many advantages to mid-engine. I’m pretty sure diehard fans won’t like it over what they’ve got now, but passive owners who just buy the Vette because of the ability to show off might not have a clear answer on it. I dunno, man. =)

  2. Reid Johnson says:

    It could be that the SS/Z07/Blue Devil model will push the envelope of the front engine Corvette. To take the Corvette to the next level, the mid-engine C7 may be the next logical step, given the performance of the current crop and what’s around the corner. Who can blame GM to want an antedote for the venom? Looking forward to the reveal!

    Reid — Calgary, Alberta

  3. Oscar says:

    I’m all up for a mid-engined Corvette, just as long it stays as the best bang for the buck car! If not, make the cabin more luxurious, more SPECIAL. At least do that if you can’t keep the Corvette cheap.

  4. Matt Whan says:

    The Corvette has always been made of fiberglass, has always been rear wheel drive, and has always had the engine up front. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Turning the Corvette into a mid-engine would ruin the Corvette. If GM builds a Corvette with a mid-engine or all wheel drive like some have been saying, then the Corvette will just be another car on the road, not the one of a kind beast that it is now.

  5. Richard Taylor says:

    I have a C6 on order now, but if and when Chevrolet builds a mid-engine Corvette, I’ll rejoice and certainly entertain a trade up to the next level in performance.
    I know from driving other mid-engine sports cars that the Corvette will only get better with a mid-engine design.

  6. Douglas R French says:

    I own a 2006 Lemans Blue and love it. I will likely buy a ZR-1 and If the middie comes about, I would probably buy it as I love new and challenging technology. Change is what life is about. Nothing is forever.

  7. Justin L says:

    A mid-engined Corvette would be no faster on a track or the street. The only thing that this would do is make it more expensive.

    The Z06 vette already has 50-50 weight distribution in due to a aluminum block engine mounted further down and lower back into the car which is technically better than a Gallardo’s setup which is 42(front)-58(back) and a F430′s setup which is 48-52.

    Why put the engine in back when your front engine car is beating exotics 3-5 times the price?

    What makes a Corvette a Corvette is not where the engine is but the performance for your dollar. A Mid-Engine car would serve no logical pourpose to performance or price.

  8. Pete D says:

    WOW, the Corvette is finally catching up to the Fiero! Kind of ironic. I have a couple of V8 Fieros and doing a 3rd one.
    With a mid-engne Corvette, we can finally
    buy a high performance V8 sports car from the dealer. Strange that Chevy couldn’t do this 25 years ago when Pontiac did.

  9. Guy Giordano says:

    Heck, why not put the engine all the way in the back like John Delorean did. If they manage to use steel pressed in valve seats into the aluminum heads we could even call it a Corvair!

  10. jet says:

    One word: YES! Like so many other enthusists feel, this would finally be the Holy Grail. Yes, Corvette is the best value super car out there, but…there is always that “but”. Take it to the limit. I would like nothing better than to have an all American car be considered to be the very best-regardless.I have had Corvettes and currently would love to have another. But there is always at least one small (or big) thing. I now have an Audi R8. Yes, it costs more–but, again that “but” –it is worth it. Everything is really close to perfect. That is why everyone-everyone- has picked it as the best for 2008 and longer. Probably the best vehicle ever made regardless of price or whatever. I would change tommorrow to a Corvette IF it was Mid engine! (Well maybe, I would add it in addition :) But, I would get it–and I will not get a C7 if it is just an evolution with front engine layout. Please Corvette–got to the top over Ferrari, Porsche, etc in all ways!!!

  11. zjohn says:

    this is my dream car, mid-engine corvette!
    i am only 30 years young and plan on purchasing a corvette in 2012 or 13 once i get back to the states, now i am in italy. it is breathe taking to see a car with the engine sitting under glass behind you.
    and to all the people that says “this is not corvette, or it aint broke” mentality you are only holding the vette back from being at the top. i do not believe that a mid-engine would be the only model available. although chevy would sell everyone one that is put on a lot. i hope they can do this and keep it around the price of the zr1 or less would be nice!
    GO BIG, or GO HOME!

  12. dan says:

    racing is key, development comes from racing the GT series againt bmw, porsche, fararri, C7 must continue to raise the bar. I had a C4, I have a C5, was not impressed w/ the C6. Found only minor differences from C5 to C6.

  13. Larry says:

    I bought my Ford GT in no small part because it was what the Corvette should have been y-e-a-r-s ago: a mid engine supercar. I’d been sitting around since 1970 waiting for G.M. to get its act together and switch to the mid engine design. So, when it was announced that Ford was actually going to BUILD their GT, I instantly knew I was going to get one…and I did.

    I’m STILL not convinced IN THE SLIGHTEST that G.M. will actually end up building a mid engine ‘Vette. We’ve all heard this kind of stuff many, many, many times before. So, it’s one of those ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ things. I learned years ago not to hold my breath.

    “Build it and they will come”…myself included.

  14. Sal says:

    that was and old concept about 20 years ago. the new corvette is the one in the 2nd transformers movie but with different head lights and bumper

  15. H. Fuentes says:

    There is nothing wrong with the front engine. Astons, Bentleys, M3, M5, Mercedes, Maseratis and other great cars have front engines. Instead, GM must spend that money in a more hightech, high quality interior. The glove box door is flimsy, the reclining lever is weak, the seat support insufficient, and a cargo cover net isn’t standard. Scissors door would be fine, as well as LED backlights. But if GM sends the engine behind the driver, and the cabin quality remains cheap, many buyers wouldn’t care where the rumble comes from.

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