Cruisin’ and Car Show Etiquette

This blog will appeal to all who own a Corvette, classic or otherwise, and owners of other collectible automobiles.  One’s behavior amongst gorgeous and unique cars is extremely important!

Tom Greenwood (pictured with fellow cruiser Scott Burgess) of the Detroit News lists the 5 commandments for observers at the Woodward Dream Cruise, or at any other car show, for that matter:

1.  Watch what you’re doing when admiring a car up-close-and-personal.  Someone has made a significant investment in iron; respect that!


2.  Keep an eye on your kids.  Parents are responsible; know what they are up to, and keep them from doing it half the time!

3.  Look, but don’t touch.  If circumstances require touching, request permission from the owner.  If the owner is not present, refer to the previous sentence. 

4.  Keep those critical/cutting remarks to yourself.  Sure, you always thought that year whatever was a piece of junk.  The owner probably doesn’t agree with you, and there’s no reason to denigrate his choice and make him/her feel bad!

5.  Don’t smoke around other people’s cars.  Be careful out there.

Simple attention to these basics will make cruises and car shows more pleasant for all.

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