Seventh Annual America’s Corvette Show

The Seventh Annual America’s Corvette Show is now history.  Held Saturday at the General Motors Technical Center in Warren, Michigan, it coincided with a celebration of the 1957 Chevrolet also being held on the grounds.  As a result, CorvetteBlog was able to secure some great photography of many other classic Chevies, and even the Camaro Coupe and Camaro Convertible Concepts.

Hundreds of classic Vettes were joined by a nice selection of Corvette vendors and corn dog hawkers in the humid sunshine.  A charity benefit silent auction, celebrity judging and autographs, and remarks from the likes of GM bigwigs like Gary Cowger, Troy Clarke, Ed Peper, and Tom Wallace made it a great day for Corvette enthusiasts.

Visit CorvetteBlog throughout the week as we report vendors we interviewed and show cars we saw.

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You have seen above the front ends of a bevy of beautiful 1957 Corvettes celebrating their 50th birthday; here they are from the other end.

Backed up to the reflecting pond, in front of the Vehicle Engineering Building, was this line of gorgeous Corvettes:

There were plenty of C1s and C2s:

and more C2s:

and more C2s and C3s:


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3 Responses to Seventh Annual America’s Corvette Show

  1. todd ruthers says:

    I would like some info on this event for 2009. I am from WV and would like too bring my Vette.

  2. Bill C. says:

    For complete information, we would recommend that you follow the link to Corvettes America:

  3. Frank Pingatore says:

    When they say numbers match, What items are they refering to?

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