Bill Connell

I remember exactly where I saw my very first Split-Window 1963 Corvette Coupe, and it was love at first sight!  I was already a Chevy guy, for my family was steeped in the tradition.

My grandfather’s first car was a Chevrolet 490 Sedan from about 1918, and he drove Chevies his entire life (into the late 1960’s).  My mom’s first car, and the car I learned to drive in, was a 1953 Chevy 210 Sedan.  Later, my parents both had 1957 Chevies at the same time!  I preferred driving my Mom’s hardtop coupe with the V-8, of course.  Later, my wife and I honeymooned in our 1965 Corvair roadster.

Like so many others living in and around Detroit much of my adult life, I have been a supplier to the Big Three.  In recent years, though, it has been my pleasure to be professionally involved with Chevrolet, especially the Corvette.  I love checking out Corvettes that are being traded by customers, or that have just come off the truck.  There is a unique feeling to driving these marvelous machines!

I have been involved in communications for years, including everything from literature distribution (like car catalogs) to marketing to public speaking.  Being lead author at CorvetteBlog allows me to draw from many areas about which I am passionate, and I hope it shows through!

I look forward to meeting as many of you millions of Corvette enthusiasts as I can, because I know you each have a story, and your story is important.  I hope to see you at the National Corvette Museum, Bloomington Gold, Corvettes at Carlisle, the Corvette Funfest, or at one of the thousands of local Corvette events.

- Bill Connell
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