Celebrity Owned Corvettes

Question: what two things do the following people have in common; Johnny Carson (see at right), Burt Reynolds, Ricky Van Shelton, John Mellencamp, Rosemary Clooney, Roy Orbison, and Dinah Shore?

First, they're all celebrities, known for their contributions in the world of entertainment.

Second, they were owners of a Corvette.

Second question: where is their famous Corvette today?

Easy!  They are all in the Bob McDorman Collection, in Canal Winchester, Ohio.  They were all available for viewing last weekend at the 34th Annual Bob McDorman Corvette and Classic Chevy Show.

Other photos follow the jump.

Burt Reynolds' 1960:

John Mellencamp's 1956:

Dinah Shore's 1987 Corvette:

Ricky Van Shelton's 1967:

and Rosemary Clooney's 1973:

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2 Responses to Celebrity Owned Corvettes

  1. ron says:

    where is jonny carson 1990 corvette.


  2. jim campbell says:

    Have a one of a kind 72 resto mod “shark” corvette that would love to share with celebrity corvette collectors. A must corvette to see… It has been in several magazines and currently Vette Magazine is in the process of doing a featured article and pictures. Do not know when it will be out yet.

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