Corvette Funfest a Huge Success!

Yes, right at the crossroads of 454 Big Block Drive and Stingray Alley, Mid America Motorworks held yet another amazing Corvette Funfest this past weekend.

The aerial photo taken from the helicopter on Saturday morning demonstrates the incredible number of Corvettes in attendance for an incredible event.

Frankly, I’ve got a lot to say about this show over the next couple of weeks, but the people were wonderful (both running the show, and in attendance), the Corvettes continue to amaze (in the variety of appearance and in reflection of human personalities), and the weather was about as perfect as could be for the last weekend of summer.

As Paul Harvey says, "Stand by for news!"

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8 Responses to Corvette Funfest a Huge Success!

  1. M.W. says:

    I love Corvettes, This was a great event that acknowledge pure old American Muscle

  2. Bill says:

    To read all of the many Corvette Funfest 2007 blogs, click on “Corvette Events” under TOPICS. It’s a week later, and we’re still blogging because there are so many fun things to blog about!

  3. Ronnie says:

    The show was awesome. Everything about it was great. Mid America knows how to throw a party. Three Dog Night, what can I say, fabulous.

  4. Mary says:

    The Corvette Funfest was great, with good but hot weather. However, I was very disappointed in waiting hours for the concert. Also, a large orange fence was in the way, and a huge waste of space that kept people from getting any closer.

  5. Don Weigel says:

    This was our first Funfest, and my wife and I enjoyed the three day event. We met a lot of great people and look forward to 2008.

  6. mike potter says:

    Due to an illness in the family, I missed this year. I look forward to next year twice as much!

  7. Donna Hinant says:

    Corvette funfest was great this year.
    I attended 06 and 07.
    Reo Speedwagon was good(one of my favorite bands),BUT 3 Dog Night was fantastic!!!
    I found myself moving to the music and didn’t even realize.
    I would love to see 3 Dog Night again!!!
    Please have them back for an “encore performance”.
    Looking forward to this year(08).
    Brought my C4 for the last 2 years,but just bought a blue C5 which I intend to bring this year and display proudly.
    Can’t wait till September,which is also my birthday month.
    Thanks for such a great event each year!!
    Donna Hinant

  8. John Swinehart says:

    Once again awesome weekend,buttttt the parking(dust problems)sssucked.thanks again and seeyou this year. save the wave!!!!

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